Friday, August 10, 2012

Green Smoothie Yumminess!!!

 RAINBOW of goodness!!!
I know my blog is mostly about crocheting but I love to cook as well and love to share my new recipes! This is a new concept to me so I thought it would be fun to share.  I just learned what a green smoothie is (I know im probably late to the game) but if you do not know they are amazing! 

The rule of thumb is 60% fruit and 40% leafy greens.

In this recipe I used 1 nectarine, 1 banana, a hand full of strawberries, blueberries and spinach.  I also add about half a cup of crushed ice and about a cup and a half of water or juice (juice makes it sweeter but less healthy). 
First you add the crushed ice and liquide and fruit.  I pulse my blender to puree everything and then add in the spinach last. 

You cant go wrong!  Everything is fresh so add what you like and make it original!  But rest assured it is soooooooo good!  My 2 and 4 year old love it!  That says a lot!!!!

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