Monday, April 2, 2012

Crayon Art Tutorial

This is my finished crayon art!

These were my supplies I started with, I got them from Michaels.  

I lined up my crayons up higher then I was going to glue them.

Once I put the glue down I moved the crayons on to it in small sections.  I put them all the same direction, with the Crayola up.

Moving slowly across the line.

I waited about 30 min for the glue to dry.

My daughter helped me to hold the blow dryer.

Make sure to hold the dryer close to the crayons and move it often.  You will find the wax will drop out more once you have moved the dryer away from the section.  To get more splatter angle the dryer slightly down over the tips of the crayons.

My finished product!  You can melt more but I liked this.

Trim the back off of fake flowers; apply glue to flower and tack.  This gives you a flat surface to glue flower onto picture. 

After glue has dried, glue flowers to picture.  I placed my flowers with their alike colors.

This is mine finished and hanging on the wall.