Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Balancing crocheting and life!!

Like most crocheter’s out there, I have a life as well.  Crocheting has quickly become my passion but I find the more I get sucked in the harder it becomes to balance my daily life activities.  Dishes pile up, floors get dusty, meals get thrown together last minute and don't even ask about my workouts!  My family ends up getting put on the back burner while I work to finish my projects.  I have found a few tricks to keep a balanced life but am always looking for more!  
Those tricks are
  • Timing my work- If I crochet for 30 min then I get up and clean or cook for 30 min.  This insures I don't get lost in my work and I keep a good balance between my obligations and crafting.  The timing should be even to keep you productive and not sitting in one place for too long.  This also helps to break your focus and make sure you don't lose track of time while crafting, which we all know is easy to do.
  • Working out while crocheting- This is not for the faint of heart, and I do not recommend this for everyone. I happen to already workout so I know my machines and my limits.  I have mastered the elliptical with no hands so I can be in motion while crocheting.  This is not an intense work to replace the normal 30 min of cardio recommended daily but it is something to get you moving while crafting.  Another, less dangerous, workout while crafting is the stationary bike.  This requires less balance and focus which make crocheting or knitting easier while riding.  Now this can be adapted to other crafts such as sewing, all you need to do is take a break every 5-10 min and do jumping jacks, go up a flight of stairs, do sit ups or even push-ups, anything to get you moving.
  • Standing while crocheting- The simple act of standing while crocheting will keep you more active and burning more calories.  If you are like me, it is important to stay healthy and fit and these simple changes have really helped me to stay more active while still doing my passion.  
  • Using the small minutes-  You might have five minutes in the car while waiting for the kids to get out of school, bring your crocheting to get it done in the in between times.  This keeps you more freed up for your obligations such as house work, cooking dinner and simply being attentive to your family.  These small minutes can not only be used for crafting but for house work as well.  I know I feel better about sitting on my booty crafting if the house is clean around me.
These are just some small changes I have made to my crafting life to help keep me productive as well as happy!  I hope they are useful to you, and please share any ideas you have had to help keep crafter's active!


  1. Good tips. I know I haven't balanced my life. The vortex that sucks most of the time is facebook/email/blog/product listings. All the internet stuff. How do you handle that?

  2. I have that problem too! I have to set aside the time for it. I plan what I am going on to the computer for and make sure that is all I do. I will go to 4 different sites, Etsy, Facebook, email/blog and my school (because I go to college online). I handle everything on each site one at a time, then I turn my computer to sleep and walk away for awhile. The key for me is to make sure I keep track of my time in everything I do so that I don't get sucked in for hours on end. Breaking it up into sections allows you to get more done. Its amazing how liberating it is to just shut off your computer for a few hours or even a few minute. :)

  3. Oh.. I know too well how hard it is to balance everything.. some days arent too bad.. but other times (esp when I got alot of orders or I am not feeling well), it is so easy to fall behind..

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